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Online Golf Tip

With Head Professional Mark Williamson

In this week’s ‘Lockdown Lesson’, SGC Head Professional Mark Williamson uses Adam Scott as an example of how even the best players can make subtle changes with their set-up to improve their game. 

Mark explains in his analysis how Adam has made a simple change in his set-up position over the years to help him – and it’s a change that is simple and easy for golfer’s of any level to implement. 

Click here to view the video.


Food & Beverage Delivery Update

We have updated the online menu with our famous Sorrento Golf Club carvery and currently have two delicious oven-ready roast dishes to choose from. 

Juicy Pork Loin with Crispy Crackling and Apple Sauce is now available, along with our 24-hour Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder with Red Wine Jus. Both dishes come with a selection of roast vegetables, in servings for two people to simply heat in the oven and enjoy. 

Members can click here to place orders online. Deliveries will go out every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between 2:00pm and 5:00pm. Please ensure your order is placed before 2:00pm on these days to ensure same-day delivery. Also note that your F&B house credit may be used for any home delivery purchases. 

How To Keep In Touch 

While the Club is closed and staff are working from home on limited hours, we would like to remind Members that the best way to contact us is via the Club email – Enquiries will be directed to the relevant team member. You may also contact the General Manager any time on

If you do need to call the Club, our main number (5984 2226) is being monitored, so please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Member Photo of the Week

Thank you to Kevin Donnellan for sending us this photo of the third green taken on Christmas morning 2006! Kevin told us that the picture was taken after a very strong hail storm transformed the course into a temporary winter wonderland.
Have you captured a great image of the course? Please feel free to share with us either via the Facebook Members group or email –

SGC Staff Trivia Night

SGC Staff decided last night that we weren’t about to let Lockdown get in our way of our staff game evenings when we got together via Zoom for some Trivia! Competing over five rounds hosted by Michael Burgess, the final victory went to ‘Trees a Crowd’ made up of Niall, Owen and Tom from the Course Team.

We are pleased to announced the Member’s trivia evening will be coming soon! 


Virtual Wine Club

While we are on the subject of online meet-ups, another successful Virtual Wine Club was held last night via Zoom with Stephen Marks taking the lead as Host for the evening. Seventeen attendees put their full trust in House Manager and wine aficionado Richard Hartley as he selected a mystery bottle to be tasted and discussed on the night over the course of an hour. 

Richard said, ‘Naturally the discussion revolved around how everyone was coping in Lockdown 2.0.’

‘Discovering new walks in and around Portsea and Sorrento, weight loss, back garden chipping, cycling and successful possum capture (!!!) were activities the group were keeping busy with, whilst keenly awaiting the re-opening of the golf course. As with the first Virtual Wine Club only about 10 minutes was left to actually discuss the matter in hand – the mystery wine. Again, interestingly, there were many different views and opinions as to the varietal, region and age of the wine that was chosen …which was eventually revealed to be a 2017 Leeuwin Estate ‘Siblings’ Shiraz.

‘Thank you to all those who partook this month. Look out for announcements for the September Wine Club event which could well be Virtual Wine Club #3!’


Wine of the Week

Portsea Estate 2018 Pinot Noir

About as local as we can supply and a firm favourite amongst Members, the Portsea Estate 2018 Pinot Noir is this week’s wine in the spotlight. 

With the winery being but a firmly hit 5-iron off the 9th tee (in the wrong direction!), SGC Members have been enjoying winemaker/viticulturist Tim Elphick’s creations for many years now, with the whole portfolio being an outstanding example of the best Mornington Peninsula can offer. 


The Pinot Noir is a stand-out of these wines and knowing how quickly each vintage sells out every year, plenty of the 2018 was purchased for the Members to enjoy. However, as we know, wine sales at the Club became a little tricky! So to encourage your enjoyment of one of the Peninsula’s most elegant Pinot’s we are very pleased to have the Portsea Estate to purchase for $49 a bottle or in either a 6 or 12 pack for $44 a bottle. 

Available for delivery with the ever expanding online menu, that now includes the ‘Home Staples Box’, a glass or two with this and the oven ready Roast Pork would be near perfection. Enjoy!

Willow the Vineyard Dog – Ever willing to help!


Virtual Book Club

Last week Book Club met to discuss the August text, ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens. 

Melanie described the book as, ‘A fabulous novel that follows two intertwining timelines. The first chronicles a young girl growing up in the marshlands of North Carolina commencing in 1952 and the second focuses on a murder investigation of a local sporting hero, beginning in 1969. 

The young girl, Kya, has been abandoned by those she loves and grows up with an abusive, alcoholic father. She is uneducated and her only friends are the birds and shells she sees on her marsh explorations. She eventually makes a friend, Tate, who teaches her to read and write and after many years encourages her to publish a book on the seashells of the marshes.

As the stories entwine, a murder trial ensues. I won’t spoil the rest of the book, but encourage those who haven’t read the book to grab a copy.  All Book Club members loved the book, which was so well-written one could almost taste the salt in the sea air and feel the swamp. 

The book has won many awards and sold the most copies of any adult fiction or non-fiction in 2019. The book is currently being turned into a film script which Reese Witherspoon will produce. If you are looking for an easy read with murder, mystery, romance and intrigue this is a must read.’

The September book to be discussed will be ‘The Birdman’s Wife’ by Melissa Ashley. 

To take part in the Thursday 3rd September session at 3:30pm click here

If you would prefer to attend the Sunday 13th September session at 10:30am please click here


Film Review

With Gemma

“Philomena” (2013)
Genre: Drama Based On True Story
Director: Stephen Frears
Cast: Steve Coogan, Dame Judi Dench
Platform: Netflix

Well, it’s Friday again Movie Lovers and once again I’m back to tell you all about my TV and Film adventures from the past week.
On that note, let’s discuss our first film of the week! ‘Double World’ (2020) is a moderately high-budget Chinese action/fantasy film by seasoned director Teddy Chan that was set for a cinema release until the global pandemic forced it to premier on Netflix. The film takes place in a mythical land of warring territories where the best fighters must take part in Gladiator-like challenges in order to find the champion warrior. Emphasis on monsters, fight scenes and special effects from the first scene compels me to presume little budget was left over for plot development. It looks great but it’s all just a bit ridiculous. 

‘Double World’ is an action-packed adventure with about as much depth as a pothole, but thanks to it’s lovable heroes, I begrudgingly regard it with fondness.


I also sat down to watch a new five-part Docuseries on Stan called ‘Outcry’ (2020) which completely hooked me from the first episode. 

Filmed over the course of several years, director Pat Kodelis takes us on an emotional and shocking journey through the botched court case of Greg Kelley, a 19 year-old Texan student convicted of a crime he did not commit. Definitely worth a watch if you enjoy documentaries that examine criminal cases such as ‘The Staircase’ (2004) and ‘Making a Murderer’ (2015). 


This week I finally watched a movie I’d had on my list for years! 

Philomena (2013) is another winner from director Stephen Frears, who also directed ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ (2016), our featured film from a few weeks back, as well as The Queen (2006). Frears is such a fabulously consistent director who rarely disappoints with his high-quality collaborations with Hollywood’s leading actresses such as Dame Judi Dench, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Dame Helen Mirren and Glenn Close.  

Again teaming with Judi Dench and composer Alexadre Desplat, Frears takes us down a road much less decadent than that of ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’, introducing us to the true story of Philomena Lee, an unassuming Irish woman with a fascinating and tragic story that goes back fifty years. 

Philomena meets disgraced parliamentary advisor and journalist Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan), who begins to look into her story. Banished by her family in the early 1950’s and sent to a strict Irish Catholic convent to give birth as an unwed mother, Philomena is separated from her son, who is adopted by an American couple. She and Sixsmith become an unlikely team, as he helps her to discover the truth of what happened to her child. 


Their relationship is a comedy of mismatched personalities. Her adorable fascination with cheap paperback romance novels and hotel breakfast buffets clashes with his high-brow Oxford education and academic taste for Russian history. 
‘Philomena’ is classified as a comedy, however, I found it was more of a bittersweet drama with comedic elements that balance themes of grief, loss, injustice and religion. The same subject matter could have been made as an extremely dark film, yet Frears chooses to address it with humour and realism. 

Highly recommended. 

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