First established in 1907 the Sorrento Golf Club has a rich history...

The Sorrento Golf Club was formed on March 30 in 1907 and was then known as ‘The Sorrento and Portsea Golf Club’. The foundation of the club can be attributed to a group of Melbourne business and professional men with a keen interest in golf who had established their seaside homes at Sorrento or Portsea. 

In 1909 for reasons which were not recorded, an extraordinary general meeting of the club decided to eliminate the words ‘and Portsea’ from the name of the club. Thus it adopted it’s current name – ‘Sorrento Golf Club’.

For a full history of the club please refer to the clubs history book ‘Sorrento Golf Club – The First 100 Years’, which is a gift from the club to every new member. If you would like an extra copy please contact the office.